About us

Here at Woodside Farm we believe that if you want high quality Pork you must start with a traditional breed.The Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs thrive outdoors and their numbers are in decline.These traditional pigs mature slower than the modern hybrid and their meat is naturally marbled unlike the modern pig.Our pigs grow up with their litter mates and stay together all their lives as a group,our pigs are between nine and eleven months old when finished.

We cure our own bacon and make all our own sausages.We don't use any preservatives or stabilisers,because of this our sausages have a five day shelf life.We also make Pork & Apple Burgers which contain just Pork and Apple,these are also Gluten Free.We only sell meat from our pigs and don't buy in any meat and pass it off as our own.When you buy our products you can be sure you are getting a Truly Free Range Product
We Make four varieties of sausage
Pork Sausage
Cumberland Sausage
Gluten Free Sausage
Gluten Free Honey Sausage
Woodside Farm
Free Range Pork & Bacon